Small space? Tips to make it feel larger

Less is more, as they say. In today’s world of over consumption, many people are opting for smaller homes, leaving the mcmansions behind. But small doesn’t mean feeling cramped. Here are a few ideas to implement when remodeling a smaller space.

• Open floor plan:
With less walls, a space feels much larger. An arch or column can define a space, yet keep light, air and heat flowing between “rooms.”

• Natural light:
Windows, lots and lots of windows (low-e, of course), will bring the outside in. A little landscaping can make all the difference. A flowering bush or tree that can be seen from inside can have an amazing effect visually.

• Look up!
A raised ceiling can trick the eye into thinking the space is much more than the actual square footage. A ceiling fan will redistribute air and heat when needed. (Don’t forget to reverse the fan direction, per season.)

• Define space with flooring:
By using the same flooring material throughout, your eye will see the space as much larger.

• Smaller furniture:
Select furniture at the right scale. Nothing makes a room feel smaller than overly large pieces.

• Paint colors and patterns:
Use one color (preferably neutral) for walls and ceilings. A monochromic color scheme, lighter colors, will give the illusion of space. Smaller patterns are less intrusive. Less is more!

Ask us how we can help transform a smaller home into one with a spacious feel.

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